About a year ago, I began using a very unique marketing platform called Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft claims to help businesses attract customers, automate marketing, close sales and sell online. It does all that. The aspect that I like best is the marketing automation area.

Imagine being able to market to each customer and prospect individually based on that customers behavior. You COULD get to know every customer and send them personal messages that speak to their individual needs. That might work if you have only five customers. Hopefully you have a LOT more than that. So many customers and prospects that you don’t know where you’ll find the time to handle them all. Even if you are somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, you would do well to give Infusionsoft a look.

Imagine being able to nurture your customers and prospects in a way that they actually read the emails you send them! ┬áIf you spend any time looking into them, you’ll learn about the concept and practice of having the “Perfect Customer Lifecycle”. It encompasses:

  • Attract Traffic
  • Capture Leads
  • Nurture Prospects
  • Convert Sales
  • Deliver & Satisfy
  • Upsell Customers
  • Get Referrals

How many of these things are you currently doing? When we started, we were focused only on three of them. It was sad. We went from 150 leads per week to nearly 2000! We also have greater visibility on every aspect of our marketing. We can track a customer from lead generation all the way through to lifetime customer value. We get to see, very quickly, what works and what only looks like it is working. It has saved me time and money at every turn.

Download their Perfect Customer Lifecycle workbook PDF. Also, you can watch some videos on the subject.

Another good thing is the growing community of Infusionsoft developers. People who build tools that allow you to tie into other tools for better integration. One integration we use is iMember360 which ties into WordPress and can do some really amazing things to customize a users experience on your site.

Last, but by no means, least is the customer service. While I do have to wait in a queue to get chat support at times, their CS staff is well-trained and has always provided solid support.

So, check it out and use your imagination. It has kicked open a lot of doors for us.