Author: John R Hopkins

Turn Off The Radio!

It seems common enough. Get in the car, start the motor, adjust the air conditioner to be the yin against mother nature’s yan, then you turn on the radio to combat the silence. If you can’t tell from the title of this bit of copy, I am suggesting a change to this almost automatic process. Break the muscle memory and, at least on occasion, skip the radio. Why? I did this the other day for what might have been my first time. I was swapping car stereos in my white with blue-stripes cop caller. I didn’t right away have all that was needed to install the new radio. I thought, how horrible! I won’t have my music to remove my mind from the excitement of the daily drive. The thing was, that during the next morning’s drive, I was able to mentally go places that I didn’t usually go. I went to the future! Really. I realized that when listening to music, I went to the past. I went to places and ideas that the music reminded me of (for obvious reasons, it doesn’t remind me of the future). Places and people I was with when I first heard a given song. When I heard a new song, the best I could get to was the present. New associations for me to recall when next I heard this song...

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whatcanbe – Internet

I think back to the first time I experienced the internet. It was the early 90’s, I was sitting in a classroom at VCU. The room was full of Macs with, what was at the time, rather large screens. After the basic class intro, I began clicking on the icons on the desktop to see what they would open. I saw Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and one I didn’t recognize… it was what turned out to be a web browser. It opened what appeared to be a simple document. I thought it was some sort of a text file reader. It had an animated gif on it and that was the subject of the page, the idea of animation on the web. That moment changed my life. I realized that these documents were not originating from the machine at which I was sitting… they were somewhere else. Where? How did they get in front of me? I knew this was BIG. It is big. It gets bigger all the time. Not just bigger as in more stuff… bigger as in better. More useful. More interactive. I love finding new things that make me say “WOW!”. Each time I find the wow, it raises the bar. The next wow must be more useful, easier to use, quick and lastly, it helps to look good. Today’s wow was found at...

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The First Step is to Take the First Step

How many times have you had an idea, a plan or a goal only to let it slip through your fingers. I know I have, more times than I want to count. I challenge you to take the next one to bat. You might strike out, that is bound to happen, and often. When it fails, just know that you tried your best and know that you won’t stop. It can’t stop you. Only you can stop you… well, sometimes the cops might stop you, depends on your goals but that is your business. The video below is an example of someone who took the first step… a big first step....

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