You will need a couple things in order to get started.
1.    Internet Explorer (I’m using IE 7.0.5730.11).
2.    You will also need a Google account so that you can use their super-great RSS reader. Google accounts are free and have a LOT to offer. Get one here.

The first question many of you might ask is WHY? As in WHY not just use Firefox with Google Reader, or any other RSS reader you like?
Simply because some people don’t have the option to use Firefox. Many IT departments just don’t let Firefox or any other browser come to the party. They have their reasons, no flame wars here please.

Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be ready to rule the RSS feeds on your non-Firefox world. Really noting too difficult to worry about. In all honesty, I’m not sure the first step is necessary for this execution, but if you decide to use a different reader, I’m sure it would be useful.

  1. First we need to stop IE7 from thinking it’s RSS option is the only game in town.
    Open “Tools” in the IE7 menu > Choose “Internet Options” > Click the “Content” tab > Choose “Settings” under the “Feeds” heading > uncheck “Turn on feed reading view”
  2. Next thing we need to do is make a bookmarklet in IE7 that sends the feed for any given page to your Google Reader.
    Log into Google Reader > Click on “Settings” (top-right of page) > choose the “Goodies” tab > Find and read where it talks about “Subscribe as you surf” > Do what it says to do.
    One note: I noticed that I couldn’t drag-and-drop as the Google instructions suggested. Instead, you may right-click on the bookmarklet on that page > choose “Add to favorites…” > then use the pull-down to add it to your links or wherever you find it easiest to use.

Now you should be on your way to using RSS effectively in an IE7-only environment. WOOHOO!

That said, if you are in the position that you can use Firefox as your main web browser, Run screaming from IE and embrace the freedom of a real web browser.