Image of GraffitiI just ran across an interesting use of QR Codes. uses QR Codes to do what they do best. That is to connect real-world places or objects to information on the web. Yes, there are MANY other uses, but this is the biggie.

Their website is basically a very simple blog-style gallery of street and other public art. The creators put a QR Code sticker next street art that they find. The code links to a web page with an image of the art and offers viewers an opportunity to leave comments and discuss the work.

Passersby who see the art can scan the QR Code and be taken to the page about that artwork. They can then add to the conversation. If someone finds artwork that hasn’t been “tagged” with a QR Code, they can email its location and a photo of it to the site’s creator and it will be added to the site. The owners of the site will also send a QR Code sticker to the person who found it so that it can be tagged so that others can connect and join the discussion.

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