This morning on my ride to work I had an anomaly.

It was at the first stop light I stoped at. the light turned green, I pulled the clutch lever, pushed down on the shifter with my left foot and there it was… Normally when I shift into first, it sort of “clunks” into gear. It has done this for years and the technicians tell me this is fine. When it was new it shifted into first gear rather smoothly. It isn’t new, it is 12 years old. Anyway, this time it shifted into first smoothly. It hasn’t done that for a VERY long time.

At first, you might think this is a good thing. It is not. It is an anomaly, a glitch, unexpected. When you rely on something whether it be a machine, a service or anything else that you put your trust in,  these anomalies are usually an omen. A dark cloud on the horizon and sometimes that horizon is VERY close.

What anomolies do your customers find in your organization? What sudden changes do you see in the world around you?