Imagine you own a grocery store and one of the biggest advantages to your customers is the fact that you have the lowest prices.

From a customer’s point of view, it isn’t a simple task to quickly compare prices between stores. It is time-consuming and often the stores don’t carry the same items. Many stores carry items that are store-branded that other stores won’t have.

Sure, if you regularly buy bananas at store “A” at .52 cents/pound, you know that it is cheaper than store “B” at .89 cents/pound. It doesn’t matter though. All that matters is how much your total grocery bill added up to.

So here it is. The app must do the following:

  1. Allow customers to scan bar-codes, either at the competitor’s store or at home as they un-bag their purchases.
    You can already do this with many other tools for Android and iPhone
  2. Offer comparable products for items notĀ availableĀ an their store
  3. Offer users the ability to manually add in items that have no barcode (produce)

Other nice features would be:

  1. A Progressive Insurance-like ability to compare to other grocery stores in the area for the same list of items (via geolocation)
  2. A customizable notification of prices that have drastically changed.
  3. Other ideas?