So, I’m sitting here at the office. Email and phone has been turned off for me. It IS the Final Countdown. I’m pretty sure there is a meeting with HR that I’m missing. That info was probably emailed to me.

I feel great! I’ve worked with some really smart people here, and I hope to stay connected to most of them. That said, I’m ready for what is next.

I met yesterday with a friend who I admire. He is doing for others what I have been doing for my soon to be past employer. Infusionsoft integrations. It is work that I love. It offers me so many great problems to solve and it is providing value to whomever I’m doing it for. We began discussing a partnership. We just need to work out the details.

Of course, I am also looking for a 9-5 gig, and have some meetings planned for the next couple weeks, but in all honesty, while there are a lot of upsides to a regular job, I hope I don’t have to go that route. I’m excited about either path. If I do take another job, I’m going to be very selective about who I work for.