I few days ago I was zooming along from Richmond to Norfolk on I-64. I kept noticing roads that run parallel to this stretch. They aren’t always visible, but I could see them off and on much of the way. On the interstate, there are nice wide lanes, at least two lanes in each direction and a bunch of fast-moving cars. On the interstate, you don’t care about anything but yourself, why would you? Everything else is just a blur except that pinpoint on the horizon, your destination.

Back to those side-roads… I can see places to eat, gas stations and get this, real people. They could even be seen communicating with each other! What a novel idea.

So there it is. My analogy. The interstate is the way most companies try to arrive at their goals. As quick as possible, the most direct path, no dirty hands. The side roads however, are different. They are where life is. They have a soul. There are communities along the way. One might even find themselves in a position to learn from these communities should they take the time to listen, maybe even participate in what is going on over there.

This said, I WAS on the interstate side of the fence. I didn’t have time for the other roads. Perhaps if I had taken the road less trevelled, I’d be someplace else today.