Yesterday, I was notified that I and a whole lot of other very talented people are being laid off. My marketing department of three very busy people will now be one person with an impossible list of responsibilities. Sorry Tom, I hope the procedures I’m writing this week help to some degree.

Now I have to decide what is next. I used to do all contract work and I loved it. However, the income fluctuated substantially. Having a 9-5 job has stability (until it doesn’t) but the freedom is lacking. Hmmmm.

So, as I look for my next path or paths, I’ll be documenting the journey here.

If I do decide to be an employee again, I’m going to be picky. I’m going to work for leadership that I know is interested in more than money. I want what I do to contribute positively to the world around me. Ideally, I want to find a job that should I win the lottery while working there, that I’d want to keep working there.