Some years ago, I worked at a design shop here in Richmond, VA that primarily focused on museum exhibit design. The average stay of any employee there was roughty six months. I, not wanting to upset the balance, didn’t stay long. It was probably the most miserable six months of my life. It wasn’t all bad, I learned some useful things there. I learned that you can perfect kerning with the three character trick for one. Another thing I learned is that while the owner wasn’t good at keeping employees, he was VERY good at hiring very talented people. I recently created a facebook group for ex employees… and for a company that has a staff of 3-6 people at any given time, there are a LOT of us. All of them I have met are doing great things.

At the last meeting I met Shaun Irving. He is one of those people that had a great idea and made it happen. Check out his site at

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