I really despise Comcast. Two weeks ago, we decided that we were tired of what they charge… the bill has gone up substantially over the last two years for no improvement in service. Whenever we had an issue they were “experiencing longer than normal wait times”. Whatever.

20130508_230732They shipped us boxes to send back our equipment  The stuff we would be sending back is one DVR, three rather small digital converters, four remotes and some cables. They send us 5 boxes that are each designed to house something very specific the size of a VCR. None of the boxes fit anything we have. I wait a couple days to deal with it.

They call us and  leave a voicemail asking where their stuff is. I call them back and, through an automated system, have to enter a time and phone number for them to call me back. They don’t call back at that time. I rinse and repeat with the same results.

I try calling headquarters and after a good while on hold I finally end up speaking with a real live person… in India? Maybe not, but his accent was nearly incomprehensible to me. He looks up my account and puts me on hold. When he returns, he tells me that since I no longer have cable service, they can’t ship me the correct boxes. WHAT? He offers the address that I can take the equipment to myself. The location is a 30 minute drive from my house.

My final solution? Put everything into a couple boxes, slap on the shipping labels and take it to the UPS drop-off location. If they don’t care about their equipment, why should I?

So, Comcast, over the years, I’ve given you thousands of my dollars and you have repeatedly showed me that you don’t REALLY give a damn. I’m done.