I’m co-hosting what will be a game-changing webinar with the amazing Dave Sherman! Register here

Wednesday, May 29th, 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

The subject of the webinar is: “Seven Steps to Small Business Success – Understanding and Embracing Lifecycle Marketing”

Here is a short description of what we will be covering:

What’s the difference between businesses that thrive and those that seem to just survive? Successful businesses have a sales and marketing plan that brings in a constant stream of new prospects and maximizes the value of existing customers.  This is done by understanding the principles of Lifecycle Marketing for Small Business-the seven steps thriving businesses are using to grow, nurture and retain valuable customers.

In this powerful and informative presentation, you will learn to analyze areas of opportunity in your business and develop a sales and marketing plan to open your customer floodgates.  You will also learn how these seven steps can help you:

  • Drive more prospect traffic without increasing your spending
  • Convert customers at a much higher rate
  • Squeeze maximum value out of your existing clients
  • Grow your referral business to have people begging to be your customer

Register here